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I never thought cartoon boobs could be so sexy.

Cartoon Cocks
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Ever draw something obscene in MS paint? Like interracial gangbangs? or a farmer penetrating a goat... or 2?
Wanna show it off?
Go ahead.
We're sick and demented. We love that type of stuff here.

1. Please do not post any 'REAL' porn, or anything of "a graphic nature". I could probably get in trouble for that. The people at livejournal will take an uglystick and beat me up so bad that I'll need to get a deadjournal by the time they're through with me.

2. Only original works made with MS Paint will be accepted in this community. (Hand drawn pictures, or pictures made with other image editing programs will be accepted, but are not preferred.)

3. Please post all works of art behind an lj-cut tag.

4. Try to keep it cheesy folks.

This dumbass community is brought to you by thpamz2thexay